The Perfect Day

I’ve been looking at some prompts online and picking out some that I find intriguing. Here is the first one:

What would your perfect day be like?

The following is a brief look into what I think a perfect day would be:

7:00 Am – Wake up to sun shining through the closed curtains. The other half of the bed is already empty. Stretch. Time to get up.

8:00 Am – Finished breakfast and coffee with him. The cat is napping on one of the kitchen stools. Through the window the two German Shepherds are playing in the yard. It’s time to take them to the park.

9:00 Am – Return home. Let the dogs nap. Exercise in the home gym. Drown out thoughts with sweat and music.

10:30 Am – After showering, sit down at the desk. Write. Write for hours.

2:00 Pm – Park time again. With him and the dogs. Maybe stop for some Frozen Yogurt.

5:00 Pm – Make dinner for him, the dogs and the cat.

7:00 Pm – Curl up in front of the TV with him and the pets. Start rewinding.

9:00 Pm – Read in bed with a cup of hot chocolate.

What would your perfect day look like? Let me know in the comments or post it on your blog and share the link!


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